Monday, May 11, 2020

Shiré (ex-LovHer): Baltimore's Daughter "The Pre-Lude" To The Album (Mixtape) (2008)

Formally one quarter of the early 2000s R&B group LovHer, Shiré (real name Talia Burgess) was the second artist to be signed to Midi Mafia's Family Ties Entertainment label and like her former group in 2003, quickly became another flash in the pan following one single "Miss My Love" in 2007. Signed to Universal Records' Street Records Corporation label in 2007, her album was again quietly shelved by the label but yet she still continues to be promoted on Universal's site - 6 years after her last ever proper single. Somewhat similar to what they did with Majic Massey, it seems that this label had a knack for stringing artists along. In LovHer, Shiré's raspy powerhouse vocals were always the most prominent and it was evident then that she was born to be a soloist in the same vein as Faith Evans or even Mary J. Blige but her work was anything but pop music. With tales of street life and broken hearts over sampled hip hop beats and dark orchestral arrangements, I don't know how many tracks here would've eventually ended up on her first album with Universal but much of it does have more of a raw, unedited mixtape feel to it. Regardless, it appeared that the general population wasn't ready for Shiré in the same way they weren't ready for Deemi. After one single which wasn't exactly promoted all that well "Miss My Love", it seems she was pushed to the background and mostly forgotten about. "Mister Manager" from this set says it all.

Change The Game 1:28
Miss My Love 3:40
Baltimore's Daughter 3:53
Twisted 2:45
Don't Deserve 2:41
I Made It 2:29
Off The Break 3:10
2nite 3:19
Cream 2:08
Think About U 2:35
I'm Scared 2:16
Mister Manager 3:26
Mann Up 2:11