Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Denim: The 1st Lady of Roc-A-Fella (Promo EP) (200x)

Before there was Teairra Mari and even Nicole Wray, there was another female artist tipped to become Roc-A-Fella's 'first lady' that not many people knew about. From Jay's former stomping ground of Brooklyn, it seems this artist fell by the wayside at around the same time Wray was tipped to become the label's next best thing and aside from a handful of appearances on mainly mixtapes and white label vinyl samplers, most of her work from back then was shelved. Despite going hard for the ROC, I don't even think she got a proper first single but I believe that "Friends (You Ain't Right)" may have had a very limited release. Her music was significantly more 'street' than Wray or Mari who pretty much stayed with the mainstream sound. The above unofficial 12" sampler contains various tracks that she recorded back then, 4 of which couldn't not be found anywhere else, including "Through The Fire" which is a freestyle over Kayne's 2003 song "Through The Wire". Again, it's a shame that nothing much became of this artist in the end but Wray was the next to suffer a similar fate when she was dropped from the label as well in 2005.

Microphone Fiend 2:59
Pump It Up 2:09
BK's Finest 2:40
Through The Fire 3:01
Many Man 3:33
Uh Ohh 1:45