Friday, April 24, 2020

New Creation: Spirits Of Gold (Tattoo Records, 1998)

Here is another obscure UK group from the 90s and mostly known for their Beatles cover "Hey Jude" which was released in 1997. Of West Indies extraction, the band started out on Trinidadian TV talent show Party Time and shot to instant stardom with their acapella versions of various Boyz II Men hits. Their first ever song "Roll It" was overseen by the legendary Eddy Grant and recorded at his studio in Barbados. The group eventually relocated to the UK in 1997 to work on their first full length album which was a blend of reggae fusioin, contemporary R&B and ambient pop music. A follow-up single "Love All Over Again" especially was touted as the new "Mysterious Girl", which had been a big hit a few years before for Peter Andre. They made history in Trinidad by becoming one of their best-known pop groups but following two other releases, they split up. I don't know what became of the group in the end but one member Kojo Rigault, later went on to work with Craig David's producer Mark Hill as an A&R scout. They were not affiliated in any way with the Haitian duo of the same name. A big thank you again to Stuart's friend for sending.

I Love The Woman In You 5:58
Hey Jude 3:48
Love All Over Again (R&B Flava Mix) 5:03
All My Lovin' 5:02
I Think I Want Her 3:39
So Much Love 5:53
Say What You Mean 4:42
Never Ever Leave Me 5:27
Who's Gonna Carry On 4:31
Come On Everybody (Come Out To Party) 4:11
Love All Over Again (Sunshine State Club Remix) 7:01
Love All Over Again 4:00