Thursday, April 16, 2020

Heat: Don't Tell Me (CDM) (SKG Music, 2000)

A further hidden male group out of Toronto, Canada that has not been mentioned before and comprised of Dee Jay Bambao (aka "Bam Bam"),  Randell Douglas (aka "Face") and Paris Bonsu (aka "Da Renegade".) Sadly after two singles and a few features on various Hi-NRG compilations where they were somewhat out of place, their upcoming album (titled "Sex, Love, Triumph & Tragedy") stopped being mentioned on the label's "Future Releases" section in 2005. Sadly the label seemed to be primarily geared towards compilations and dance music though they did get the rights to release some notable artists in Canada including Latina R&B singer Veronica Vasquez and in the early 2000s UK female group Fierce.
The  R&B group “HEAT” are no strangers to the Canadian music industry.  They have toured all over Canada, with such acts as LL Cool J, Kc & Jo Jo, and Destiny’s Child.  This band has proven that they are more than ready to compete on a local and international level.  Their striking visual and vocal performance on stage has gained them fan recognition all across Canada as well as at home in Toronto.
Besides possessing outstanding vocal ability, they write and produce all of their own material.

Vocal influences as a group include, Boys II Men, the artist formally known as Prince, Backstreet Boys and Deborah Cox, just to name a few.  Each member possesses a unique quality that brings something special to the group.

Dee Jay Bambao age 22, aka “Bam Bam” is the youngest member of “HEAT” and also the most energetic.  His choreography skills, and incredible vocal presence make him an important asset to the group.  His self taught ability to play the piano, and other instruments has played a key roll in the production of the groups music.  His boyish appearance and electrifying moves make him a treat to watch.
Randell Douglas age 24, aka “Face” co–writes material with the other two members of the trio.  He displays great vocal ability and shares the duty of the lead vocals.  Randell has been said to be the most sensual of the group and prides himself on being a ladies man, bringing the temperature of “HEAT” a few degrees higher.
Paris Bonsu age 24, aka “Da Renegade” brings to the group an extremely wild and unique element.  Besides his contribution to the background vocals, his rapping skills are second to none and he brings a street level edge to “HEAT”.  His thuggish appearance combined with his well sculptured body give a strong sexual presence to the entity.

The objective of this group is to join the other great Canadian musicians that have elevated in the recording industry, and that have kept Canada a major player in the world of music. (From SKG's website as archived by
Canadian CD-Single
Don't Tell Me (Original Album Edit) 3:32
Don't Tell Me (Heated CHR Remix Edit) 3:33
Don't Tell Me (House Mix Edit) 3:45