Monday, April 20, 2020

Barretz: Day And Night (SPG Music, 1998)

Prior to Heat, Canada's SPG Music label had also signed another R&B/soul group - headed by Collin Barrett - which was active in the late 90s. Comprised of real musicians who played everything from drums, keyboards to saxophones, these guys had more of a mid-90s Boyz-II-Men sound with some jazz thrown in for good measure. I don't know if they ever had any singles but the track "Day And Night" later went on to appear on some compilations put out by the label in the early 2000s. Sadly the label seemed to be primarily geared towards compilations and dance music though they did get the rights to release some notable artists in Canada including Latina R&B singer Veronica Vasquez and in the early 2000s UK female group Fierce.

This Is How We Play 4:08
Being With You 4:21
Let's Take Our Time 4:28
Day & Night 5:00
After All 4:02
Real Vibrations 4:47
What Goes Around 4:00
Tell Me 4:44
Let Me In 4:21
I Want To Love You 5:54
Love Is On The Way 4:09
Foolish Game 4:25
Moonlight 4:46
Tonight's The Night 5:11
Lonely Without You 5:26
Thank You 2:19
The Bomb 1:49