Sunday, March 8, 2020

Various: Diesel Records 99 (Promo) (Diesel Records, 1999)

Various lost projects from Diesel Records, a London-based urban label mainly known for the three-piece New Jack Swing group Kreuz in the mid 90s. Formally on Motown Records in the early 90s, they released their sophomore album through the label in 1996 before two members (Wayne Lawes and Rickardo Reid) formed the popular UK production/remixing team Full Crew. By the turn of the millennium Diesel became home to Full Crew Records before it went defunct in the early 2000s. Notable artists on their roster back then include Kruez, Celetia Martin, Shaila Prospere and Sara Jane Skeete (daughter of 90s street soul singer Beverly Skeete.) Unfortunately only a few projects only ever saw the light of day, the most widely known about being Prospere's critically acclaimed album "In My Shoes" which was released in 2000. Artists that went unreleased completely include 3-piece vocal group Gems, male R&B group Form 1 and female R&B/Pop singer Deborah Andrews. The inside also makes mention to a further artist Jarvis but he is not anywhere on the disc. There are also unreleased tracks from Kreuz, Skeete and Martin. No producer credits given but guessing the vast majority were produced by Wayne Lawes and Rickardo Reid as Full Crew with additional production from Michael Daley. Prospere's single "Sorry" spent 16 weeks on London's Choice FM Station and her album was described as being one of the "best urban soul albums ever produced." Sadly Diesel and Full Crew Records went no further but Lawes and Reid remained popular as Full Crew up until the early 2000s.

Shaila Prospere - Sorry 4:14
Kreuz - Bouncy 3:52
Sara-Jane Skeete - Jump To It 5:34
Ricci Collins - What U Want 3:38
Gems - Everynight 3:29
Celetia - Give It Up 3:40
Celetia - Can U Love Me 4:11
Shy 1 & Baby G - In Our World 5:07
Deborah Andrews - Over You 3:54
Val Redd - Our Love 3:14
Form 1 - Going On 3:27
Gems - One Night 4:53
Sara-Jane Skeete - The Love U Need 5:11
Shaila Prospere - In My Shoes 5:01