Monday, March 30, 2020

Tina & Serena: Self-Titled (EP) (Royaltee Entertainment, 2008)

Yet another obscure mid-2000s (sibling?) duo from the South and a mixture of sample-heavy R&B, crunk-lite and lullaby-esque production with stylized 2000s hip hop vocals. I don't know anything about them but they hailed from Florida and had a MySpace page which sadly like most of the site has since gone the way of the Dodo. There is no information about them anywhere but they were last active in 2018 when they provided backing vocals to two hip hop tracks by the Young Bosses.

Diary 3:48
Don't Wanna Blow It 3:00
Nice Friend 4:13
Danger Zone 2:03
Coming Soon 2:19