Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Phink Kings & Drop Records Present: G*Hop Soul (Promo CD) (Drop Records, 2005)

More quality R&B music from early 2000s UK with G*Hop Soul, a compilation masquerading as a mixtape featuring up and coming heat from the UK underground and previously unheard material from some big names not limited to Estelle, Floetry, Shola Ama and others. Among the standout tracks include "In Your Eyes" by Sef, "Spend On You" by Movemakers and "Fallin' Out Of Love" by Vola. Not much is known about many of the artists but one Lonyo was previously a part of UK R&B duo Bon Garçon and another Evi-Dence was previously signed to Loud Records in the mid 90s. Also noteworthy is Nathan (aka Starboy Nathan), an English Mario who went mainstream in 2003 with his single "Come Into My Room" and Sadie Ama, younger sister of Shola Ama. Familiar names include Shola herself with the mellow "With You" and Floetry with their track "Fantasize" which is one of the first tracks they ever worked on together. Compiled by the Phink Kings with production from Syklone (Wayne Lawes & Riccardo Reid), Terror Danjah and others.

Tamara - Capture Me 3:55
Corinne Gray - Day Like This 3:40
Nathan - Round & Round 4:09
Nayla - Call Me 4:26
Estelle, Beverley Knight, Terri Walker, Ms. Dynamite, Shystie - Dancin 4:11
Lonyo - Fall In Love 3:51
Universe - Heavenly Bodies 4:58
Movemakers - Spend On You 3:48
Joy Silver - Know You Better 2:39
Shola Ama - With You 2:37
Lejaune - Feel Me 4:01
Sef - In Your Eyes 4:07
Sadie - So Sure 2:41
Floetry - Fantasize 4:45
Wayne McNeish - Military Lovin 4:03
Evi-dence - Pretty 3:53
The Poet Known As CR - Give Urself To Me 8:03
Vola - Fallin Out Of Love 2:26