Sunday, March 29, 2020

Missy: Free Your Love (Beatnik Entertainment, 199x)

G-Funk inspired R&B from Pittsburgh with Missy Copeland, an artist that I have not seen before and know little about but appeared to be related in part to fellow Pittsburgh hip hop trio Misfits In The Attic. No date of release but the style is somewhat similar to former Death Row artist Shatasha Williams.

It's A Beatnik Thing 3:46
Way You Want It 4:58
Give Back The Love 4:59
Free Your Love 4:46
I'm The One (You Need) 5:04
Good Side 4:11
Celebration 2:59
Give Back The Love 4:41
New Reality 5:04
(OOH) You Got To Feel It 4:16
Free Your Love (Remix) 5:12
At The Party 4:36