Thursday, March 5, 2020

Millionaire Status & UK Allstars (Promo VLS) (200x)

Further UK-only R&B and Rap with Millionaire Status aka Graham Jules, a producer, songwriter and engineer and cousin of Red Dwarf actor Danny John Jules. All of the featured artists were unsigned and produced by 928 Productions, a now defunct production outfit from Central London. The tracks are a mixture of hip hop, urban-crossover and ragga-tinged R&B. None of the artists ever appeared anywhere else but here but one Cassie Compton (as Cass) made it through to the X Factor Finals in 2004. The project spawned one single "Got What U Want" which was released in 2004.

 Vol. 1
Cass - Rude Girl 3:06
Orlando - Let It Go 4:05
Face Leonardo - Head Up 4:20
Nisa - Sacrifice 3:49
Face Leonardo - Head Up (Instrumental) 4:20

Vol. 2
Beverly - Got What U Need 3:24
Millionaire Status & UK Allstars - UK OK 3:32
Adaine - Take A Picture 3:37
Frankie Fury & Leanne La - Chinese Eyes 4:27
Louise Telles - Tick Tock 3:45