Sunday, March 29, 2020

Mesha: Broken Glass (Acclaim Records, 2003)

Here is more contemporary R&B with a southern soul edge from Mesha, an artist whose music tells the ups and downs of love while delivering solid vocals and stellar production. I don't know much about her but spawned at least two singles "Gotta Get Mine" and "Something In Your Kiss." Somewhat similar to Dee Dee Wilde, Kristine and other contemporary soul artists I've posted here...again this was another one Stuart and I were curious about after seeing the album being sold for an absurd amount on eBay a few months back. Was it worth the $200 it was being sold for? No, but it was certainly worth the $50 that we got it for. Thank you Stuart :-)

Beauty Salon 1:10
One Night Stand 5:16
Everything Called Love 3:15
Don't You Hate It 3:58
We Cried Together 4:37
All Men 3:57
I Gotta Get Mine 3:54
Rock A Bye-Bye 3:37
Love Is 4:55
Something In Your Kiss 3:56
They Don't Know 4:25
See You Peepin' 3:45
Ain't Here For You 3:45
True Love 5:37
My Dedication 1:16
Lord I Thank You 4:27