Sunday, March 22, 2020

Soundbwoy Presents: Ill Hype 'The Studio Sessions' (Promo CD) (Soundbwoy Entertainment, 2004)

Further music from the British Isles with Soundbwoy Entertainment, an East London collective of various cultures and backgrounds and founded by Gerald "Soundbwoy" Logan in 2003. Initially disappointed with his experience as a writer at Warner Chapel Publishing, Logan decided to start his own label for the music he was most passionate about, R&B. Described as having a heavy vibe, relevant lyrics and positive outlook to life, two featured tracks "1, 2, 3" and "If Only I" later made "tune of the week" on BBC1 Xtra and "1, 2, 3" in particular later got a remix by London Grime MC Lethal Bizzle (known back then as Lethal B.) It wasn't until 2006 though that they finally got recognition, releasing a single "Never Wanna Say" on Smoove Records, an urban sublabel for UK dance label Ministry of Sound Records. It later made no18 on the national chart. Logan later went on expand his roster even further with R&B/grime artist Young Nate (Nate Young) and did remixes for UK R&B artist Shawn Emanuel, Kelis, Tinie Tempah and others.

Soundbwoy Ent - Ill Hype (intro) 1:16
Soundbwoy, T'Neek, E.C, Baby Bling, Shay - Dance 2 Dis 4:05
Soundbwoy Ent - 1 Xtra (Interlude) 0:52
E.C, Soundbwoy - 1, 2, 3 3:36
Mel Divine, E.C, Jr.C - Hypnotise 3:53
Soundbwoy Ent - Snagga Dagga (Interlude) 0:23
Soundbwoy, E.C, Baby Bling, Shay, Feat. Snagga Dagga - Dance 2 Dis Part 4:20
T'Neek, Adam - Temptation 3:13
Jr. C, Casino, Soundbwoy, T'Neek, Adam - Dem Na Beta Den We 3:10
Soundbwoy Ent - Old Man 2:59
C Shay - If Only I 4:18
Simone - Soul Mate 3:11
Jr. C, Leah, Casino - I Luv U 2 3:12
Soundbwoy Ent - Soundbwoy (Interlude) 0:22
Shay, Soundbwoy, Jr. C - Fire/Hot Hot 2:45
Baby Bling, Shay, Feat P-One - Naya 3:36
C++ - Slowly Surely 4:15
E.C, Soundbwoy, Casino, Jr. C - 1, 2. 3 Terror Remix (Exclusive) 3:18