Friday, March 27, 2020

BeatFactory Presents: On Da Move (Beat Factory Productions Inc., 1995)

Further music from BeatFacory, a Canadian independent label that was mainly active in the 90s. Founded in 1982 as originally a management/production company, it kick started the careers of many popular artists in the early 2000s including Glen Lewis and Kardinal Offishall whose first singles appeared on various rap and R&B compilations that they released in the late 90s. Sadly by the time the millennium rolled around, they had gained major label distribution and stopped focusing on homegrown talent in favor of Usher, R.Kelly and other Billboard Hot 200 nonsense. I posted two of the later volumes by the label last year but here is an earlier compilation from before they had mainstream recognition. Featured here are rare tracks by Canadian MC Michie Mee, Filipino R&B group Kuya and pop singer Jazmin (Baird.) Mee (real name Michelle McCullock) was the first female Canadian MC to get a US deal while Kuya are probably best known for their pop productions in the 2000s. I don't know if McCullock's partner DJ L.A. Luv features on her tracks at all but the two parted ways following the release of her debut album in 1991. Pop singer Baird - although she probably started out as a somewhat serious contender - is probably best known for her 1999 album "Better Be Good" which saw her molded into yet another Britney Spears clone. She had been active since the mid 90s where her music was slightly less bubblegum. Here she takes on Mariah and Celine with two big power ballads. A further male funk/soul act Just Cool I don't know anything about but they only ever seemed to have appeared here. Their music is a mixture of classic soul and rhythm and blues with a slight pop edge.

Michie Mee - Loosin' My Mind 3:26
Michie Mee - Denial 4:49
Michie Mee - True Love 4:30
Michie Mee - It's Alright 3:52
Kuya - Don't Say Goodnite 4:39
Just Cool - Body In Motion 4:19
Just Cool - I'm In Love 4:29
Just Cool - Let Me Know 4:58
Just Cool - Your Way 4:52
Jazmin - If It Takes A Lifetime 5:08
Jazmin - Where Do I Begin 4:43

Further tracks by Kuya and Jazmin can be found on BeatFactory's subsequent releases here.