Saturday, March 28, 2020

Ashley Támar (aka Tamar Davis); My Angel (EP) (Jaboi Records, 200x)

Early independent release from former Destiny's Child member and Prince protege Tamar Davis and recorded under her real name Ashley Támar sometime in the early 2000s. More in line with the stuff her former group was doing at the time, this EP is different from her later work although you can perhaps hear nuances on the title track "My Angel." After a chance meeting with Prince at a house party in 2004, Davis was mentored by him and her album (originally titled "Beautiful, Loved & Blessed") was to be released alongside his own as sort of a package deal. Sadly, after being pushed back numerous times by Universal Records, it never saw the light of day - except for a very, very limited release in Japan - and Davis has been a struggling artist ever since. She was last seen in 2016 as a contestant on The Voice...

My Angel 4:15
Playin' Games 4:13
Bye Bye 4:13