Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Aaron Soul: Album Sampler + more unreleased music from Def Soul

Further unreleased music from Def Soul with Aaron Soul, a Craig David clone whose name came about after a Def Soul executive misread a demo saying "Aaron Soul" instead of "Aaron's Songs." He was one of a handful of artists signed to Def Soul UK along with Terri Walker and ex-Popstars contestant Warren Stacey. While Stacey attempted to cash in on his appearance on Popstars, Soul's claim to fame was that he went to the same school as Craig David. He along with Stacey released one single and had a few soundtrack/promotional features but nothing else ever became of them. The only one that had any semblance of success appeared to be Walker who had backing from Mos Def and Warryn "Baby Dub" Campbell. I am guessing that Def Soul just weren't committed to the success of the UK Garage scene which was a shame. With the right backing, I am sure that the scene was big enough for both David and Soul. Meanwhile over in the U.S., albums never materialized by Playa, LovHer, Jazz (formally of Dru Hill) and another fantastic female singer Kandice Love. Aside from Playa, many of the artists appeared to be related in part to former Dru Hill member Sisqo. LovHer and Kandice Love especially had been heavily championed by him. Though it is doubtful that he had anything to do with their failure, it did not help that his then forthcoming album and Dru Hill's reunion album both tanked in the charts.

Soldiers 1:23
Soundclash 1:29
Broken 1:33
DJ Lighter 1:35
Ring, Ring, Ring (Original Mix) 3:55