Saturday, February 29, 2020

Straight Outta Nottingham (Promo VLS) (Official Fam Entertainment, 2001)

An assortment of UK R&B and hip hop artists originating from Nottingham which isn't really the  first place which springs to mind when I think of hardcore hip hop music. Up until now, most of the artists I found from there were mainly from the capital so the above 12" was a rare find and the sound is actually quite good as well. Featured artists include Janine Linton (formally of the UK R&B group Truce) on "Let Me Know" and then pre-teen R&B singer Willis Rose. A further female R&B artist Salome I can't find anything about but the sound is dark early 2000s R&B.  Willis later re-recorded his song with Nottingham MC Kama Kazi but here the version features his younger sister Armani (as a rapper.) Not a huge fan of pre-teen R&B and rap artists myself but these are actually not that bad... Despite making a name for herself in the local area and appearing on 3 tracks here, there's no mention of her nowadays but her brother Rose released his first single "Erase You" in 2010.

Hip Hop Side
Severe -  The Cause 3:24
Armani - Limelight 2:34
J Gold & Severe - Concrete Jungle 4:50
R&B Side
Salome Ft Armani - I Don't Wanna Hear 2:51
Willis Rose Ft Armani - My First Love 3:09
Janine Ft Legend A.K.A. Kamikazi - Let Me Know 5:07