Friday, January 31, 2020

Mýa: Fear Of Flying (JP Test Pressing) (Universal Victor, 2000)

After searching for years for the supposed Japanese bonus tracks for Harrison's 2000 album and never being able to find them, I finally located them on this very rare Japanese test pressing. Though leaked years ago, I believe that the origin of the two songs probably goes back to a quite obscure Russian bootleg pressing (which back then could be found on several Russian mp3 download sites) and possibly originated from a very early advance copy of the album. The two unreleased tracks "Girls Like That" and "Telephone Games" were produced by Swizz Beats and Anthony Dent respectively. Granted, I never really paid much attention to the other tracks, which I assumed were identical to those that appeared on the 1st pressing of the album but turns out that here there are some
differences: "Case Of The Ex" is without the auto tune on the bridge, "Ride & Shake" is at least 1 minute longer and "For The First Time" features different, more upbeat production (the album version was produced by Chucky Thompson and Anthony Dent but I don't know who produced it here.) One of Harrison's best albums along with "Moodring", it seemed like many tracks were pulled before they finally perfected it although I can't help but feel that "Girls Like That" should've taken the place of  the very mediocre "Again and Again"  or at least the 3 minute outro...

Bonus content includes a previously unreleased white label remix of "Case Of The Ex" featuring Boston MC Iyadonna that I acquired some years back.

Best Of Me (feat Jadakiss)    4:09
Girls Like That    5:04
Takin' Me Over (feat Left Eye)    3:52
Now Or Never    3:52
Telephone Games    3:42
Whatcha Gonna Do    4:08
How You Gonna Tell Me    3:34
For The First Time    3:55
Can't Believe    4:24
Tears On My Pillow    4:17
Pussycats    4:29
Lie Detector (feat. Beenie Man)    4:31
Ride & Shake    4:57
Fear Of Flying    4:28
Man Of My Life    4:33