Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Harmony On Harmony Productions: Anticipating/Are You The One (Promo VLS) (1992)

Something I haven't focused on much until now has been UK street soul music which in its very basic form was just a type of upbeat soul music (early Delores Springer is probably one example that stands out the most.) The UK had many unique types of R&B/soul styles that differed much from anything being released stateside but the one I am probably most familiar with would probably be  2-Step Garage music which didn't really become popular until the late 90s/early 2000s. By the mid-90s street soul became much more Americanized with the addition of MCs and DJs but here is an obscure white label from the early 90s featuring 1 track each of male/female jazzy mid tempo cuts. They are most likely independent productions although if they were ever actually released I wouldn't be able to say. Both are pretty raw sounding with unedited vocals and a heavy bass line to match.

Anticipating 5:18
Are You The One 4:10