Friday, February 21, 2020

B.S.O: It's A Shame (VLS) (Versatal, 199x)

Further British street soul from the early-to-mid 90s with B.S.O, an artist or act that may have been related in part to Chris Patrick, a mid 90s UK remixer and producer mostly known here for the South London trio Ruude. As on the previous white label I posted, there are an assortment of remixes ranging from retro-soul to hip hop. The producer behind the hip hop remix in particular was Chris Patrick and his 2 Da G'z crew. The label Versatal appears to be an obscure one but was distributed by Jet Star Records (UK.) The vocalist on the above track  and that on the previous 12" I posted appear to be different so I am guessing this is a production outfit rather than any particular artist.

Retro Flava Mix 4:36
Smoothed Out Mix 4:10
2 Da Gz Mix 4:20
Old School Mix 4:20