Thursday, February 20, 2020

B.S.O: Give Me The Love (Test Press VLS) (Versatal, 199x)

Further UK street soul on white label from an unknown female vocalist. A little more upbeat than the previous 12" I posted, the main track is pure early 90s street soul while the two remixes are split between early 90s pop-soul and contemporary R&B styles. The b-side track - which like the remixes does not appear on the label - appears to be sung by a distinctly different vocalist so maybe two different artists on here? No date of pressing but guessing this was most likely unreleased. I don't know who B.S.O were but they may have been related in part to Chris Patrick, a mid 90s UK remixer and producer of Ruude, a South London female R&B trio I have previously posted here.

Give Me The Love (Version 1) 5:38
Give Me The Love (Version 2) 5:40
Give Me The Love (Version 3) 5:39
Get A Little Closer 5:23