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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Straight Outta Nottingham (Promo VLS) (Official Fam Entertainment, 2001)

An assortment of UK R&B and hip hop artists originating from Nottingham which isn't really the  first place which springs to mind when I think of hardcore hip hop music. Up until now, most of the artists I found from there were mainly from the capital so the above 12" was a rare find and the sound is actually quite good as well. Featured artists include Janine Linton (formally of the UK R&B group Truce) on "Let Me Know" and then pre-teen R&B singer Willis Rose. A further female R&B artist Salome I can't find anything about but the sound is dark early 2000s R&B.  Willis later re-recorded his song with Nottingham MC Kama Kazi but here the version features his younger sister Armani (as a rapper.) Not a huge fan of pre-teen R&B and rap artists myself but these are actually not that bad... Despite making a name for herself in the local area and appearing on 3 tracks here, there's no mention of her nowadays but her brother Rose released his first single "Erase You" in 2010.

Hip Hop Side
Severe -  The Cause 3:24
Armani - Limelight 2:34
J Gold & Severe - Concrete Jungle 4:50
R&B Side
Salome Ft Armani - I Don't Wanna Hear 2:51
Willis Rose Ft Armani - My First Love 3:09
Janine Ft Legend A.K.A. Kamikazi - Let Me Know 5:07

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Various: The Buttasmoove EP (VLS) (Buttasmoove Entertainment, 2004)

Further R&B and hip hop music from the UK underground with Dean Anthoni, a London-based singer-songwriter and producer who has performed alongside Jamelia, Ms. Dynamite,  Terri Walker and others. He founded the label "Buttasmoove Entertainment" in the early 2000s which has since gone on to become "Limitless Music Group."  Now going by the name "Whodini", Anthoni released his first full-length album in 2018.

Dean Anthoni feat Stakz & W.I.S.H. ~ Ride Wit Me 3:56
W.I.S.H. ~ North West Special Guest 3:42
DeChaun feat Micki Damija ~ Leave Me Alone 3:51*
Stakz feat Dean Anthoni ~  Just For You (Remix) 4:18

NOTE: I could've swore that track B1 was a female vocalist but seems instead to be sung from a male perspective.  Either way it is a banging track!

Friday, February 21, 2020

B.S.O: It's A Shame (VLS) (Versatal, 199x)

Further British street soul from the early-to-mid 90s with B.S.O, an artist or act that may have been related in part to Chris Patrick, a mid 90s UK remixer and producer mostly known here for the South London trio Ruude. As on the previous white label I posted, there are an assortment of remixes ranging from retro-soul to hip hop. The producer behind the hip hop remix in particular was Chris Patrick and his 2 Da G'z crew. The label Versatal appears to be an obscure one but was distributed by Jet Star Records (UK.) The vocalist on the above track  and that on the previous 12" I posted appear to be different so I am guessing this is a production outfit rather than any particular artist.

Retro Flava Mix 4:36
Smoothed Out Mix 4:10
2 Da Gz Mix 4:20
Old School Mix 4:20

Thursday, February 20, 2020

B.S.O: Give Me The Love (Test Press VLS) (Versatal, 199x)

Further UK street soul on white label from an unknown female vocalist. A little more upbeat than the previous 12" I posted, the main track is pure early 90s street soul while the two remixes are split between early 90s pop-soul and contemporary R&B styles. The b-side track - which like the remixes does not appear on the label - appears to be sung by a distinctly different vocalist so maybe two different artists on here? No date of pressing but guessing this was most likely unreleased. I don't know who B.S.O were but they may have been related in part to Chris Patrick, a mid 90s UK remixer and producer of Ruude, a South London female R&B trio I have previously posted here.

Give Me The Love (Version 1) 5:38
Give Me The Love (Version 2) 5:40
Give Me The Love (Version 3) 5:39
Get A Little Closer 5:23

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Harmony On Harmony Productions: Anticipating/Are You The One (Promo VLS) (1992)

Something I haven't focused on much until now has been UK street soul music which in its very basic form was just a type of upbeat soul music (early Delores Springer is probably one example that stands out the most.) The UK had many unique types of R&B/soul styles that differed much from anything being released stateside but the one I am probably most familiar with would probably be  2-Step Garage music which didn't really become popular until the late 90s/early 2000s. By the mid-90s street soul became much more Americanized with the addition of MCs and DJs but here is an obscure white label from the early 90s featuring 1 track each of male/female jazzy mid tempo cuts. They are most likely independent productions although if they were ever actually released I wouldn't be able to say. Both are pretty raw sounding with unedited vocals and a heavy bass line to match.

Anticipating 5:18
Are You The One 4:10

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Maurice: S/T (Cassette Single) (Brick City Records, 1991)

More obscure early 90s New Jack Swing/boogie-soul music from Springfield, IL and owing to the lack of title and information on the j card possibly a demo. The label Brick City Records is pretty obscure with only one other rap release in their catalog from 1994. There is also a label by the same name based out of Columbus, OH which has similar content but I don't know if they were affiliated at all. Not the same Maurice as this guy as far as I can tell.

I Can't Do That 5:17
Sweet Sweat 4:39

Valarie Adams: Believe [EP] (Smooth Productions, 1989)

Rare modern soul/boogie release from Montclair, NJ singer Valarie Adams who has worked as a lead vocalist for Brooklyn, NY funk/disco band B.T. Express. Comparable to Patti LaBelle and Shirley Murdock, she has since been dubbed the "First Lady of Retro-Soul" and regularly appears with her band The Dimensions up and down the East Coast (she still rocks the hair-do as well.) Two versions of this release exist, one with 4 tracks and the one I have which has 7. One of the tracks "Believe" was later re-recorded and used as a b-side to her 1993 single "I Can't Shake It." She released her first album in 2007.

Believe 4:06
Sensational 3:37
Tenderly 5:28
Sweeter 4:40
Sooner Or Later 4:41
You're All I Need 5:00
Sammy Sounds 6:50

Monday, February 10, 2020

The Point: Shackin' Up (Promo VLS) (Elite Music Group, 2004)

Possible further release from High Point, NC group, The Point, who I first discovered on Stuaaart's Universal Urban sampler a few posts back. Along with Famil, Dani Stevenson, Rashad (Thomas) and others, they found themselves without a record label following the closure of Universal Records in 2004. While many released at least one or two singles before they were dropped this group, along with an Atlanta neo soul duo Seanna & Derrick, never appeared beyond this CD. Now I don't know for certain that this is the same group - the vocals are different - but it has the same contemporary soul vibe. Without knowing much about them, I can't really say for sure but I don't think it was affiliated with Universal Records. 

Shakin' Up (Radio Mix) 3:49
Shakin' Up (Instrumental) 3:53

Monday, February 3, 2020

Phlypsyde: S/T (Promo EP) (Ill Life Entertainment, 2004)

Obscure random rap release out of Saint Louis, MO. which I know absolutely nothing about but don't think they are related in any way to the Ohio male vocal group Flipsyde from 2000. A duo, these guys are a mixture of southern rap and R&B with a somewhat lo-fi production. The label, I believe, was based out of Detroit, Michigan but not entirely certain. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution.

Don't Love Em, Don't Need Em 4:39
Don't Love Em, Don't Need Em (Inst) 4:39
Everything You Do 4:16
We Could Never Be 3:49
Too Long 3:56