Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Tha Truth: Advance Cassette (Promo) (Priority Records, 1996)

Along with Nuttin' Nyce, MoKenStef, Y?N-Vee and many more, Tha Truth was yet another girl group from the mid 90s that came and went without leaving a trace. The brainchild of Erick Sermon and DJ T-Smoov, they were best remembered for their single "Red Lights" which sampled "Bustin' Out On Funk" by Rick James. They released one album "Making Moves...Everyday" which featured appearances from Keith Murray, Redman and Sermon. A handful of songs were also written by Faith Evans and Missy Elliott early in their careers so it really was a very diverse project featuring the best of hip hop and soulful R&B rolled into one. The unreleased track "Tell Me What's On Your Mind" was later replaced with "What You Do 2 Me" (featuring Kenny Greene) prior to release and as far as we know only available on this very rare promo tape. Despite using the exact same production from Sermon, both songs sound noticeably different. Thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution!

Tell Me What's On Your Mind 3:48