Sunday, January 12, 2020

Teddy: Soul (Promo) (Noo Trybe, 1996)

Another label that couldn't get their act together in the 90s was Noo Trybe Records. Starting out in 1994, they operated as the urban subdivision of Virgin/EMI Records and became the distributor for Houston, TX-based hip hop label Rap-A-Lot Records up until its demise in the late 90s. This was the most successful venture that they had with acts such as Luniz, AZ and others making the Billboard top 200. Sadly the R&B wing of the label was not so successful with non-existent albums from One Shade (1995), girl trio MQ3 (1997) and Shiro (1998). The above guy Teddy Martin was initially discovered as a backup vocalist for Jody Watley before he was signed to the label in 1995. The label had a lot of enthusiasm for him especially, so much so that they had him performing concerts from the get go but after two singles and an appearance on the Original Gangstas Soundtrack, he disappeared completely. Truthfully I don't think the label knew who to market him to; his first single was aimed at younger audiences but the follow up more towards adults... his shelved album "Soul" was given mainly positive reviews in the press and featured production from mainly low-key but nonetheless great producers, the most widely known of all of them being Houston, TX producer Bishop "Stick" Burrell (formally of the early 90s New Jack Swing group Quess.) After widely being seen on bootleg vinyl, my regular contributor Stuaaart finally managed to score the original promo tape a few months back. As always a big thank you to him for keeping this blog going.

You Should Be Mine (Intro) 2:13
Come Over 4:36
Can We Dance 4:29
I Will Love You 4:29
Feel Me 4:04
Never Be Over You 3:50
Come Over (Reprise) 0:48
Tell Me What You Want 5:03
Are You In The Mood 3:56
Rock With You 3:59
Ain't No Fun (Featuring H-Town) 4:38
Conclusion...(To Be Continued) 0:42