Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Further unreleased music from Universal Records

Another label with a vast catalog of unreleased material in the early 2000s was UMG's Universal Records who following the merger between Universal Republic and Universal Motown went completely dormant in 2005 leaving many projects behind on the cutting room floor with it. Some I have featured here before, some I have not; hyped as "Universal's newest R&B diva" in 2003, Latina artist Villarreal's only album was shelved in the U.S. in 2004 following two singles "Rewind The Time" and "Me, Myself and You," Famil, dubbed here as "4 soulful singing sisters from Newark, NJ" disappeared completely after three singles over a two year period while Stevenson (described here as a "21 year old soulful R&B singer/songwriter with an intense attitude and spirit that would make
Billie Holiday proud") disappeared completely after two. Villarreal's track here "I Don't Know" did not appear on her album which was released only in Canada and Japan only while Famil's track "Finer Things" sounds noticeably different to the officially released version that served as a b-side to their debut single. Other artists to also get the short end of the stick included male R&B artist Rashad Thomas who also disappeared after two singles and California songstress Akia who although managed a major release, it was only half of an album at 6 tracks in length. Also included here are two R&B acts that I have not heard of before, a male/female neo soul duo from Atlanta, GA Seanna & Derrick (described here as the neo soul version of Marvin Gaye and Tammy Terrell) and a 4-piece male male soul/vocal group The Point out of Highpoint, NC. Neither act appears to exist anywhere but here and it is doubtful they ever released even one single. However I managed to track down a brief article on the former from 2002 where their music was described as 'two people having a conversation within a song.' They were overseen by Travon Potts, formally a producer for Public Announcement, LV and others.

Again a big thank you to Stuart for the contribution.

Finer Things    4:29 (Famil)
California    3:31 (Akia)
Don't You Know    4:05 (Seanna & Derrick)
What Would You Do    4:03 (Dani Stevenson)
I Don't Know    3:11 (Tiffany V)
Good Luv    3:34 (Rashad)
What's Up    3:40 (Sy Scott)
Slow Dough    4:42 (St. Satana)
Mr. Do Right    4:47(TQ)
I Gots To Have Ya    4:04 (The Point)