Friday, January 17, 2020

Born In August: Timeless Journey (Promo) (Universal/Bystorm Entertainment, 1996)

Further unreleased music from Universal Records and the brainchild of Mark Pitts, a former manager for early Bad Boy Entertainment acts. Because of his rap background, a lot of people were surprised to see him signing an R&B group - specifically one with little or no rap - but with production by Darryl "Day" Pearson (formally a member of DeVante's Swing Mob collective in the 90s), Born In August's style of emotion-filled balladeering was compared to that of Boyz-II-Men. Sadly after only one single "April" in 1996, the group disappeared completely, most likely due to lack of promotion. Showcases and TV appearances were planned for them but they were (at least at the time of a Billboard article dated 07/13/1996) without a booking agency. Unfortunately for them there was no lack of male vocal groups in the mid 90s with groups such as Intrigue and Soul For Real also recording under Universal Records at the same time. For me though, they definitely had something that was missing in a market which had begun to become overly saturated in rap and hip hop. Many thanks again to Stuaaart for sending it.

Intro 1:00
A Girl To Call My Own 3:58
Fallin' In Love 4:03
April Interlude 1:02
April 5:04
Got To Be There 5:23
Constantly 4:29
Love Thang 4:55
Me For You 4:45
Slippin' Away 4:20
Anyway 4:24
Baby Interlude 1:12
Baby 4:31
Break My Heart 5:15
Last Winter 3:40
April Remix 4:57

Further note: As far as we know it only ever existed on promo cassette and was never pressed to CD. The erroneous listing on Discogs we suspect is a bootleg, the "cover art" being traced all the way back to a Vibe Magazine article from 1996. The item above may be the only legitimate hard copy we've ever seen which is why I have posted it here.