Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Various: Upcoming Urban Chrysalis Music Sampler (Promo) (Chrysalis Music Group USA, 200x)

More unreleased R&B/Hip Hop music from Chrysalis Music Group USA, a publishing company with a wide variety of artists on many major labels from Universal, Virgin and Kedar Massenburg's Kedar Entertainment Group. No date of issuance but guessing the mid-2000s going by the few singles that were released by Johnta Austin, Majic Massey and others. Chi-Town's Massey, a former member of the group Entourage, managed to hold onto his recording contract with Universal's Street Records Corporation for a decade but for some reason he never got an album out of it. He released about a dozen songs between 2005-2010 but the closest he got to an album was a couple of
features on Jamaican dancehall artist Cham's "Ghetto Story." More's the pity because he really sounded like a hybrid of R. Kelly and Al Green; from the classic soul vibe of tracks such as "Only You" and "Trying" to the dirty blues flava of "Pushaman", he really deserved the hype. Another feature here is Johnta Austin who also managed to hold on for a decade without any sign of his album "Ocean Drive." This may have been in part due to So So Def's jumping from pillar to post but he did manage to carve out a pretty decent career for himself writing for other artists. Although not as innovative as Massey Austin could've been at the forefront of a 'babymaking songs' revival with great songs such as "Tell Me How You Like It Baby" and "This Evening." Certainly Jermaine Dupri certainly had a missed opportunity with him as he did quite a few artists in the mid-2000s era. Also deserving an honorable mention are Little Rock, AK hip hop duo Lil Rock Playaz who were mostly known for their take on Billy Paul's 1972 song "Me & Mrs Jones." They were signed to Kedar Massenburg's Kedar Entertainment Group but despite being hailed as the best group to have ever come out of the South and later being headhunted by Jay-Z, they sunk without a trace. They did most of their work with Allen "Allstar" Gordon, including a feature with Joe "Thug 2Nite" which as far as I know was not released. The liner notes state 9 tracks by the duo but 3 of them are not them at all but by unknown R&B artists. They don't sound like anybody familiar to me but at least two of them were produced by Gordon as per the shout out in the intros. They are possibly artists affiliated with Massenburg's label but not entirely certain. One of the songs "Gotchu" was later given to The Bomb Digz, a trio on Gordon's Starcyde Entertainment label, to record in 2017. Again a lot of missed opportunities here but at least I get to hear them.

Ain't Trippin' 3:19 (Mista Ye)
Get Bizzy 3:34 (Mista Ye)
Shake That Donkey 2:54 (Mista Ye)
All U Got 3:15 (Mista Ye)
I Got That 3:51 (Majic Massey) (produced by No. I.D.)
Ladies 3:39 (Majic Massey)
Only You 3:34 (Majic Massey)
Ooh Wee 3:55 (Majic Massey) (produced by No. I.D.)
Pushaman 4:17 (Majic Massey feat. Pusha T)
Streets 4:01 (Majic Massey feat. Clipse) (demo version of previous track)
Trying 4:56 (Majic Massey)
All Men Cheat 4:16 (Rhymefest)
Fever 3:54 (Rhymefest) (produced by No. I.D.)
Get Down 2:38 (Rhymefest)
I'm A Drifter 3:32 (Rhymefest)
LSD 3:26 (Rhymefest feat. Carl Thomas)
Promises 4:12 (Rhymefest)
Let It Blow 3:51 (Rhymefest)
Little More Love 4:24 (Johnta Austin) (produced by Jermaine Dupri & Bryan-Michael Cox)
Joy 4:38 (Johnta Austin)
Dope Fiend 3:51 (Johnta Austin) (produced by Teddy Bishop)
This Evening 3:36 (Johnta Austin)
Tell Me How Ya Like It Baby 3:00 (Johnta Austin)
Got Doe 3:57 (Lil Rock)
Mrs. Jones 3:47 (Lil Rock)
My Life 4:26 (Lil Rock) (featuring an appearance from a unknown male artist)
Not 2 Be F With 4:00 (Lil Rock)
She Can Get It 4:07 (Lil Rock) (featuring an appearance from an unknown female artist)
Thug 2Nite 4:49 (Lil Rock) (featuring an uncredited appearance from Joe)
Gotchu 3:17 (Unknown R&B) (produced by Allen "Allstar" Godron)
Run 2 Me 3:36 (Unknown R&B)
Side 3:03 (Unknown R&B) (produced by Allen "Allstar" Gordon)
Get Poppin' 4:15 (Mikkey feat. K. Fox)
Memories 4:12 (Mikkey feat. Mela)
Superstar 4:10 (Mikkey)
Talkin' Bout 3:45 (Mikkey)
Under Arrest 3:56 (Mikkey)

Mista Ye and Mikkey are two then unisgned rap artists possibly affilated with Kedar Massenburg. Rymefest was a rapper who was signed to J Records in the mid-2000s and mostly known for his work with Mark Ronson. Three tracks here appeared on his album "Blue Colar" but "I'm A Drifter", "LSD", "Promises" and "Let It Blow" appear to be unused.