Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Kojo - Producer/Songwriter: Urban Vibes (Promo CDr) (MCA Music Publishing, 199x)

The second of my posts highlighting songwriters that you might not have heard of who may have written songs that you may be familiar with brings us to British producer/songwriter Kojo Samuel. The name might not sound all too familiar but he worked as a producer, writer and remixer for the likes of Mica Paris, Lynden David Hall, Damage and other known UK artists during the mid to late 90s era. Notable songs he wrote included "Signature" by Truce, "Runaway Skies" by Celitia Martin, and notable remixes he did included "Anything" by Damage, "Let's Do It Again" by Lynden David Hall and "Secret Love" by Celice, an otherwise obscure vinyl-only release from 1997 that might be familiar to a few fellow collectors out there. I don't know where this particular compilation came from but I am guessing it contains various songs he submitted to labels, most (if not all) unused. With
a style somewhere between UK Street Soul and late 90s contemporary R&B, I don't know what year it came from but I am guesstimating it to be from at least 1998 as per two songs by Mica Paris that later went on to appear on her album from the same year "Black Butterfly". Most of the tracks are by unknown artists and all are female with the exception of tracks 1-4 which are by an unknown male artist or group that definitely does not ring a bell AT ALL. I think I may recognize Celitia Martin's voice on track 9 and Marissa Anglin on tracks 7 & 8 although I am not 100% percent certain. Samuel worked with both of them at different points in their careers but I don't believe these particular songs (if they were performed by them) were ever used for anything. Likewise the versions of Paris' songs ("Give U More" and "Perfect") are completely different to the ones that eventually ended up on her album. Sadly Samuel pretty much remained under the radar for the most part despite having a sound as good if not better than more widely known producers/remixers at the time such as Full Crew and Blacksmith. 

All About You 4:14 (Unknown)
Round And Around 3:32 (Unknown)
Thought It Was Love 3:53 (Unknown)
For You 4:29 (Unknown)
When It Comes 2 U 4:07 (Unknown)
Got 2 B U 4:29 (Unknown)
Moralistically Speaking 4:03 (Marissa Anglin?)
Shouldn't Have To Tell You 4:23 (Marissa Anglin?)
I Can't Stop 3:26 (Celitia Martin?)
Give U More 4:01 (Mica Paris)
Perfect 5:00 (Mica Paris)
Skindeep 4:24 (Unknown)