Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Calvin Gaines: Available Songs (Promo CDr) (Warner Chappell Music Inc., 200x)

Further unreleased music from Calvin Gaines, a producer and songwriter from New Jersey who has been active since the late 80s. He is another one who remained under the radar despite working with some of the biggest names in pop from Destiny's Child to Lady GaGa. His forte is primarily R&B but he also writes pop, country and hip hop songs. The above is a collection of his work both unreleased and released that I came across. The first disc contains songs that he submitted to labels but only one (''Suga Rain'') was ever picked up as far as I can tell. If you ever listened to mid-2000s Motown group Her Sanity you will recognize it from their album straight away but on this collection of demos it is
being sung by somebody else (and it was not produced by Carlos McKinney either.) Also sounding like it might've been intended for them is "So I Freeked" while "Get Away" comes off sounding like something J.Lo might've recorded back before she became "Jenny From The Block." Almost all of these tracks are R&B or urban-styled pop but there is one solitary country-pop song "It Shouldn't Hurt Like This" and one other track that has that stereotypical late 90s/early 2000s 'boyband' sound "When We're Alone."  I don't know who the producers are (as stated previously "Suga Rain" was obviously not produced by McKinney here) but each have their own unique style. None of the vocalists are anybody I recognize but most are female.

Uh 2-Nite    4:02
That's All I Do    4:35
All That I Need    3:46
I Love The Way You Love    4:55
How Do You Like Me Now    3:16
Anyday Anyway Anytime    4:05
Trouble    3:40
Fool 4 You    5:46
Get Away    3:18
I Wanna Let Go    4:04
It Shouldn't Hurt Like This    3:32
Oh My God    3:17
Ooh Ooh Ooh    3:32
Sugar Rain    3:10
When I Wanted To    5:06
When We're Alone    3:44
So I Freeked    3:44
Diary Of A Broken Heart    5:03