Tuesday, December 31, 2019

BOK Music Presents: Young Female R&B (Promo) (BOK Music, 199x)

Further submissions from a wide variety of songwriters that may have been used in TV shows and movies back in the day. At least three (written by Joleen Belle) were picked up for major label artists ("Good & Plenty" was recorded by R&B group Divine for their 1999 album "Fairy Tales"; "Down & Dirty" was given to teenage singer J'Son for "The 8th Man" soundtrack and "Cool With You" was remade into an acoustic pop number for Jennifer Love Hewitt. Over in Denmark, the later two songs were also given to Danish R&B singer Peaches Lavon, formally of funk duo Peaches & Bobo. With the exception of "Down & Dirty" which pretty much sounds the same as J'Son's version (but with a female vocalist), all the versions here are different as far as I can tell. The remaining songs I know nothing about but the vast majority appear to mimic different smooth 90s R&B styles from early LA Reid & Babyface ("Don't Leave Home Without It") to En Vogue ("You Can't Always get What You Want") to  Brandy ("Git With Me") I believe that Andrea Martin is singing on track 15 although I am not certain that she wrote it.

Throwin' You A Party 4:11
Somethin' To Remember 4:18
All I Know 4:07
Git With Me 4:09
Good & Plenty 4:06
I'm Just Coolin' 4:24
Just For You 4:10
You Don't Know When To Stop 4:29
Cool With You 3:34
If It's Real 4:56
Just The Way That I Want It 4:13
Scat For Me 3:27
Down & Dirty 3:30
From Now On 4:39
Around & Around 4:56 (Andrea Martin)
You Can't Always Get What You Want 3:17
Don't Leave Home Without It 2:37
Deeper 4:11