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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

BOK Music Presents: Young Female R&B (Promo) (BOK Music, 199x)

Further submissions from a wide variety of songwriters that may have been used in TV shows and movies back in the day. At least three (written by Joleen Belle) were picked up for major label artists ("Good & Plenty" was recorded by R&B group Divine for their 1999 album "Fairy Tales"; "Down & Dirty" was given to teenage singer J'Son for "The 8th Man" soundtrack and "Cool With You" was remade into an acoustic pop number for Jennifer Love Hewitt. Over in Denmark, the later two songs were also given to Danish R&B singer Peaches Lavon, formally of funk duo Peaches & Bobo. With the exception of "Down & Dirty" which pretty much sounds the same as J'Son's version (but with a female vocalist), all the versions here are different as far as I can tell. The remaining songs I know nothing about but the vast majority appear to mimic different smooth 90s R&B styles from early LA Reid & Babyface ("Don't Leave Home Without It") to En Vogue ("You Can't Always get What You Want") to  Brandy ("Git With Me") I believe that Andrea Martin is singing on track 15 although I am not certain that she wrote it.

Throwin' You A Party 4:11
Somethin' To Remember 4:18
All I Know 4:07
Git With Me 4:09
Good & Plenty 4:06
I'm Just Coolin' 4:24
Just For You 4:10
You Don't Know When To Stop 4:29
Cool With You 3:34
If It's Real 4:56
Just The Way That I Want It 4:13
Scat For Me 3:27
Down & Dirty 3:30
From Now On 4:39
Around & Around 4:56 (Andrea Martin)
You Can't Always Get What You Want 3:17
Don't Leave Home Without It 2:37
Deeper 4:11

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Calvin Gaines: Available Songs (Promo CDr) (Warner Chappell Music Inc., 200x)

Further unreleased music from Calvin Gaines, a producer and songwriter from New Jersey who has been active since the late 80s. He is another one who remained under the radar despite working with some of the biggest names in pop from Destiny's Child to Lady GaGa. His forte is primarily R&B but he also writes pop, country and hip hop songs. The above is a collection of his work both unreleased and released that I came across. The first disc contains songs that he submitted to labels but only one (''Suga Rain'') was ever picked up as far as I can tell. If you ever listened to mid-2000s Motown group Her Sanity you will recognize it from their album straight away but on this collection of demos it is

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Kojo - Producer/Songwriter: Urban Vibes (Promo CDr) (MCA Music Publishing, 199x)

The second of my posts highlighting songwriters that you might not have heard of who may have written songs that you may be familiar with brings us to British producer/songwriter Kojo Samuel. The name might not sound all too familiar but he worked as a producer, writer and remixer for the likes of Mica Paris, Lynden David Hall, Damage and other known UK artists during the mid to late 90s era. Notable songs he wrote included "Signature" by Truce, "Runaway Skies" by Celitia Martin, and notable remixes he did included "Anything" by Damage, "Let's Do It Again" by Lynden David Hall and "Secret Love" by Celice, an otherwise obscure vinyl-only release from 1997 that might be familiar to a few fellow collectors out there. I don't know where this particular compilation came from but I am guessing it contains various songs he submitted to labels, most (if not all) unused. With

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Larry Loftin: Promo EP (BMG Music Publishing, 199x)

The first of a series of posts on songwriters beginning with Larry Loftin, a Brooklyn singer/songwriter who spent most of his career being shunned by major labels as they did not know how to market him. His music is not your typical run-of-the-mill R&B but has elements of blues, rock and even country. Regardless he managed to carve out a pretty decent career writing for many notable artists and some of his most biggest achievements to date include "All That I Am" by Joe (featured here) and "Thugz Mansion" by Tupac. Also recognizable is "I Fall So Deep" which was later recorded by UK pop artist Gary Barlow for his 1997 album "Open Road." I don't know if any of the other songs featured here were recorded by anybody else but may have been used in TV shows and movies (his original demo of "I Fall So Deep" was featured in the movie B.A.P.s.) His first full length album "Masterpiece" can be found on CDBaby.

Heartbreak Road 4:16
I Fall So Deep 4:00
Only One Road 3:31
I Will Be Waiting For You 3:27
Rain 4:01
All That I Am 3:19

Nyna Chante: Southwest Regional A&R Compilation Sept. '91 (Promo Cassette) (1991)

Over the years a guy on eBay has been selling a lot of rare promo cassettes, many unreleased demos from known and unknown artists alike. His impressive collection incorporates many genres of music, including much R&B, but sadly because of the high demand for it almost anything of interest has snapped up over the years. From time to time, I have gone through the remaining dregs he had up for Buy It Now and found a few gems of my own such as JPD Jams and San Fransisco Originals but unfortunately even these appear somewhat rare these days. The above tape, a compilation submitted to Teresa LaBarbera-Whites (a-then talent scout for Columbia records), is literally the last thing of interest that I managed to find whilst wading through all the crap that has been left behind. Disregarding the first four tracks of alt rock garbage, the final two tracks are 90s New Jack Swing/R&B from an unknown female artist and appear to exist nowhere else but here.

Don't Know What To Do 3:55
What Love Is 4:24

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Various: Upcoming Urban Chrysalis Music Sampler (Promo) (Chrysalis Music Group USA, 200x)

More unreleased R&B/Hip Hop music from Chrysalis Music Group USA, a publishing company with a wide variety of artists on many major labels from Universal, Virgin and Kedar Massenburg's Kedar Entertainment Group. No date of issuance but guessing the mid-2000s going by the few singles that were released by Johnta Austin, Majic Massey and others. Chi-Town's Massey, a former member of the group Entourage, managed to hold onto his recording contract with Universal's Street Records Corporation for a decade but for some reason he never got an album out of it. He released about a dozen songs between 2005-2010 but the closest he got to an album was a couple of