Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The decline of Bad Boy Records

After 10 years of success with artists such as Mary J. Blige, The Notorious B.I.G., Total and others, the early 2000s brought a down turn for Sean ''Diddy'' Comb's empire with shelved/delayed projects from Cheri Dennis and pop group Dream, and the departure of the great Faith Evans who had been with the label since 1994. Dennis had been doing work for Combs since the early 2000s when she provided vocals for the 2001 Bad Boy Entertainment album The Saga Continues... Unfortunately, it would be almost eight years until she would have an album of her own and even then it was not without being pushed back at least once while Combs groomed his new manufactured girl group Dainty Kane for stardom. After being slated for release in June of 2006, Dennis' album In And Out Of
Love didn't see the light of day properly until 2008 and as for Dream, it seems they could not replicate the success of their previous album "It Was All A Dream." After starting out as a fun pop group - the first to be signed to the Bad Boy label - Combs later tried to turn them into a sexier version of Destiny's Child. This was not welcomed by them or by their fans and along with the departure of one member who left to pursue an acting career, it pretty much spelt the end of them. Their comeback single Crazy (Scott Storch) was panned by critics and after being pushed back about half a dozen times, their second album Reality was eventually shelved and the group dropped from Bad Boy Records altogether in 2004. In 2005 it was briefly available for purchase via French Virgin Mega Stores but it would take another three years before it would be available in the US (as a download only with an altered tracklist), the licensing rights having presumably been brought by the group's former label Clockwork Entertainment/2620 Music. Sadly it has since been deleted. As for Evans, she decided to move on after the lackluster performance of her third album "Faithfully" although she is briefly mentioned in the Outro here. As for Combs, he went on to have some success with a manufactured group Dainty Kane and his then squeeze Cassie Ventura, neither whom were signed because of their talent.

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Sampler Intro 1:22 (P. Diddy)
How You Want That Featuring Kelis 4:17 (Loon)
Loon Intro 0:30 P. (Diddy)
Relax Your Mind 1:21 P. (Diddy)
Hamptons Featuring Cheri Dennis 1:18 (Loon)*
Dream Intro 0:34 P. Diddy
Crazy Featuring Loon 1:25 (Dream)
It Could Happen 1:17 (Dream)*
Carl Thomas Intro 0:21 (Various Artists)
She Is 1:19 (Carl Thomas)
Make It Alright 1:19 (Carl Thomas)
Cheri Dennis Intro 0:15 (Various Artists)
The Matrix 1:12 (Cheri Dennis)*
Caught Up 1:20 (Cheri Dennis)
Straight To The Floor 1:21 (Cheri Dennis)*
New Edition Intro 0:18 (P.Diddy)
Start Turning Me On 1:29 (New Edition)
Sexy Lady 1:51 (New Edition)
Sampler Outro 0:58 (P. Diddy)

*Excerpts of unreleased work