Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Made In London: A Perfect Storm (Promo) (RCA Records, 2000)

Further unreleased music from Made In London, a UK-based pop group of British and Scandinavian extraction.  Along with Smoke 2 Seven, they were one of quite a few girl groups in the early 2000s that didn't stay around. They were mostly known for their single "Dirty Water" which featured a sample from Digital Underground's "Humpty Dance" and for their b-side covers of notable songs by Terence Trent D'arby, Grace Jones and others. Their music was a mixture of urban-pop and pop-rock; it was undoubtedly pop music but wasn't confined to a certain specific genre which is always a problem for new groups and artists starting out. They disbanded following a second single "Shut Your Mouth." Thanks again to Stuaaart and his friend for the contribution. 

I'm Not 3:59
Dirty Water 4:37
24 Little Hours 3:57
We Don't Do No Wrong 5:15
Shut Your Mouth 4:13
Ain't Another Love Song 4:34
My Friend 4:18
Believe 4:21
Hit Or Miss 3:48
If You Don't Wanna 3:45
From The First Time 3:52
Magic 4:40