Sunday, November 10, 2019

j'mykaels: Millenium (Demo) (J'Lon Entertainment, 1996)

I first posted this artist a few months back after encountering his only single "Nevermind" hidden away on Amazon. I'd had it saved to my Wish List for some time but it wasn't until Napo contacted us and said he'd found further music by him that I actually thought to buy it. Turns out, he was based out of Virginia Beach and Napo hadn't just found a further single by him but his actual demo. His real name is Johnny Walker and he originally hailed from Minneapolis Minnesota, the home town of Prince. It was no surprising that he once served at his dancer before moving up the ranks; in his earlier career, he served as the lead vocalist to the Columbia Records R&B/New Jack Swing group Radiant (1989) before forming his own label J'lon Entertainment in 1994. His only single "Nevermind" was released in 1996. Sadly nothing else became of this project but we are fortunate to
have his demo which Napo found while digging through the crates in Virginia Beach where Walker eventually ended up. A Gold BASF CDr with "j'mykaels demo" written on it, it includes "Nevermind" and "Talk Sex" from his single plus two additional tracks "Be With Me" and "Hugs 'N Kisses" that were not released. Both are bomb 90s New Jack Swing/R&B at its best and were recorded at the legendary Cookhouse Recording Studios in Minneapolis. As for Walker's later career, he went on to work with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis at Flyte Tyme Studios. He also has over 500 original songs registered with BMI and is currently still active with his band in and around the Virginia Beach area . Many thanks again to Napo for this amazing find!

Talk Sex 4:29
Nevermind 4:17
Be With Me 3:31
Hugs n' Kisses 3:41