Friday, November 15, 2019

Jermaiah J: Advance (JR Records LLC, 2005)

After there was, there was another online music store that failed in the 2000s, BurnLounge. The story behind their demise was significantly more messed up though; in 2007 the Federal Trade Commission filed a suit against them for running an illegal pyramid scheme - they made very little money from the sale of music and made most, if not all, of their money from duping people, many of them artists and musicians, to open up storefronts with them. I am guessing the above guy was one of those people. Like with, I have not seen this work anywhere else as it was only sold through the site. Recorded during the mid-2000s the sound is mainly smooth vocal R&B but a few tracks have that MySpace-esque 2005/2006 electronic R&B sound. "Last Night - Remix" in particular is very reminiscent of The-Dream's style. The artist, with a full name of Jeramiah Johnson, can also no longer be found so I am assuming he has gone on to do other things. He was originally based out of Langston, OK. 

Advance 1:53
Come With Me 4:57
Video 3:34
You Don't Know 3:05
See You Again 4:21
Your Fool 4:27
Leaving You Now 4:08
Coming Over 3:43
Late Night 3:18
Runnin 4:16
Lights Camera Action 4:44
Get You Back 3:33
Making Love 3:49
Late Night - Remix 3:34