Saturday, November 16, 2019

Ish-Illa: Chicago's Illa (Promo CDr) (BNE Entertainment, 2005)

From Chicago, further unreleased music from Isa-Illa and his transatlantic hip hop/R&B group Da Fello'Ship which included UK singer Camilla Beeput (formerly of 'Fame Academy') and Tupac's brother Morphine. They released one single in the UK only "The Jump Off" (whose video was played on MTV Base) but I don't think they ever released anything else. The above disc features compositions written by Illa that may or may not have been intended for their album... I am not sure. Their are rap and R&B tracks featuring different vocalists/artists in a early to mid-2000s style.

Jump Off 3 The Remix 1:33
We Gon' Make It 3:57
If You Feel This 3:00
Wifey Material 4:17
Body Like That 3:27
Wanna Make Her My Girl 4:02
Creep Up From Behind 3:07
Quit Wasting Time 4:19
On The Flow 1:33
Jump Off 2 Remix 3:42
Bring The House Down 1:34
We Make A Lot Of Noise 1:32
Try So Hard 4:04
I'm Focused 1:32
Regular Jump Off 3:30
The Glow Of Love 4:22
Hard To Live 1:32
That's A Party 3:57