Friday, November 1, 2019

Erica Faye: Demo (CDS) (199x)

Another great find from Napo, an avid crate-hunter based and purveyor of all things funky in and around Virginia Beach who had been supplying Stuart and I with a regular supply of "unreleased heat" since the Spring of 2017. Among the many amazing things that he's found for us include Single's "All The Way", Unda Presha's "The Essence Of Time" and "Foregasm" by Ty Black. He also found 2 EPs by Ultimate Pleazure and "Consequences" by Ebonae, all sought-after collector's items. Despite being headhunted by other collectors in Europe and Japan, he still gives Stuart and I some great deals on the amazing stuff he finds in and around the musical mecca that is Virginia Beach and hopefully soon Maryland and DC as well. Guessing the record date on the above CD - another local artist demo - was late 90s judging by the smooth soulful sound. Track 2 especially sounds like something Kenneth "Babyface" Evans might've produced back in the day and even features a mystery male singer that sounds not unlike him as well. I don't know anything about her sadly - there is no information anywhere and the disc itself is basically just a generic Sony CDr with "Erica Faye" stickered on it - but I don't think she was the same artist who was signed to Carl "Groove" Martin's label in the mid 90s.

All titles are approximate.  

My Side Of Town 4:19
I Dedicate My Love 4:20