Saturday, October 19, 2019

Shorty ''B'' Records Presents: Platinum Vol. 1 (Shorty ''B'' Records, 2002)

More music from my local area with Shorty B Records and a mixture of Hip Hop, G-Funk and contemporary R&B from a selection of male and female artists alike. Put together to raise awareness of Lupus, many of them are unknown but stand-out tracks include the steamy "Tonight" by Tangary (male) and the G-Funk jeep joint "Sunshine State" by Mes'Te (female MC.) One artist Moniquea - a modern funk singer - was brought up in Pasadena by her mother who was the lead singer of a local group The Roses. Her eponymous album was released digitally in 2011. Another featured artist Kanya Coleman also released further work although I don't know anything about her. The label appears to be no longer active but was owned by Stuart Jordan (aka Shorty B) who was formally a member of Digital Underground in their beginnings. Later he was known for his work for Too Short and The Dangerous Crew. I don't know if he ever released anything else.

The Love He Gave 3:59 (Kanya Coleman)
Lost Souls 3:50 (Marvin Walker)
It's You 3:34 (Patricia Diaz)
Sunshine State 3:41 (Tresjur Feat. Tangaray)
Trying To Play Me 4:00 (Moniquea)
Shake It For Me 4:41 (Lil V)
Get About 3:45 (Heavenly)
Freaky 4:06 (Tangaray)
A Party Ain't A Party 3:26 (Moniquea Feat. Toccara)
Come Back To Me 3:09 (Ali Taylor)
Tonight 6:17 (Tangaray)
Plugs 3:55 (Mes'Te Feat. Tangaray)