Thursday, October 3, 2019

PMC: Pure Heat (Oasis CD & Cassette Duplication, 1998)

Further previously unheard R&B out of Philly with Oasis CD & Cassette Duplication's "Pure Heat" compilation. Noteworthy artists include Keli Nicole Price (not to be confused with Kelly Price) whose later claim to fame was co-writing "Deja Vu" for Beyoncé, Shawn Chappelle, East Coast trio Pro and female quartet Vyntaje. Pro's Gerald Thomas produced 4 bangin' tracks on Nicole Wray's debut album and also produced the tracks here by Chappelle and Vyntaje. He later formed Dynamic Duo with David Holmes who produced tracks for Lil' Mo, Total and MC Lyte. As part of Pro he also had an earlier single "Thoughts Of You." As for Price, she is often confused with fellow singer Kelly Price but her name is actually Keli Price and as well as Beyoncé, she has also co-written Darkchild-produced tracks for Dainty Kane and Tamia along with Canadian singer-songwriter Delisha Thomas. Other interesting tracks include the soulful & smooth "You Will Know" by Marlowe and "When You Cry" by Vocal Pointe, a Latin contemporary R&B group similar to C-Note.

You Will Know 2:07 (Marlowe)
It's Just A Promo 1:33 (Storm The Unpredictable)
Long Time Coming 5:15 (Gemini)
I Will Put It On U 4:14 (Jack Napia)
S.N.A.K.E.S. 5:08 (D.S. 2000)
T.H.U.G.S. 4:23 (Freddie Fingaz & DA Kleptoz)
Outer Space 4:02 (The Inkredible)
To Those In Need 4:42 (Gia)
Don't Know Why 3:19 (Keli Nicole Price)
Everything 3:03 (Pro)
The One 3:49 (Vyntaje)
Neva B Lonely 3:59 (Shawn Chappelle)
Sweet Honey Brown 4:33 (Ascension)
It's Not About The Game 5:11 (Frell Rell)
Midnight Blue 3:48 (Bottomland)
Delivery Man 3:25 (Herd Of Blues)
When You Cry 4:17 (Vocal Pointe)
Triple Threat 3:55 (C-Sharp)