Friday, November 29, 2019

More unreleased R&B music from DreamWorks Records

Further unreleased music from Dreamworks Records, yet another label (along with EastWest and Mercury Records in the UK), who had many shelved quality albums in the early 2000s. Most of these artists were shelved when the label was acquired by Universal but personally I don't think DreamWorks was the place to be for an up-and-coming urban artist anyway. Along with Hollywood Records, they were mostly suited to Disney trash and "alternative" rock music but did manage to have some degree of success with Blackstreet, Floetry and the Johnston Sisters (JS) although all they were mostly capable of was one-or-two-hit-wonders. Among the shelved R&B artists on the
above disc are an unknown female artist Deja, two male groups (VA and VP215) and J-Lo's former backing singer Canela Cox. Cox' album I posted back in 2015 and was yet another unreleased project from popular producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins. It was pretty much synonymous with Lopez' earlier work before she went all retro although Cox' voice was definitely a cut-above. The two male groups I don't know much about but they never made it beyond the two singles featured on this disc. One (VA aka Very Artistic) was an all black male trio while the other was an all-male quartet of possible Latino origin. VA had a strictly contemporary R&B sound whereas VP215 seemed to be marketed more towards the boyband niche market. Their two albums have since been commandeered by the usual band of collectors and I have no interest in hearing them for the silly inflated prices they think they are worth.  The real reason I brought this disc anyway is not because of these two mediocre groups which have both been posted by everybody but it was to hear a further track from Deja, a further unreleased female artist whose track "Don't Come Around" I posted from a DreamWorks sampler just over a year ago. I know nothing about her but I think I entertained the possibility of the track being written by Lil' Mo as it was produced by her frequent collaborators back then Big Baby and Suga Mike. The track on the above compilation has no producer credits but is another mid-tempo number with a similar jazzy mezzo-soprano vocal. As far as I know there is nothing else by her, no single and no other features. Also worth a mention is a further male group Mowett who were not featured here. Their album "A Goodfella's Life" was shelved a year later under the guidance of Universal Music.

For Me    4:17 (Deja)