Monday, October 7, 2019

Lovecat Music Presents: Hip Hop & R&B Jams Vol. 1 & Solid Soul Vol. 2

More obscure R&B from Lovecat Music, an independent label based out of NYC with a catalog of over 10,000 songs from various artists across many genres. They started out dabbling in indie rock but these days they are mostly known for their extensive Latin catalog. Outside of Joya Owens and South African vocal quartet Khalil, most of their R&B acts seemed to appear on compilations like the ones above. Sadly the vast majority of the tracks are subpar 'alternative' hip hop but there are a few good tracks here. I don't know anything about any of the artists but I am pretty certain that one of them Sex is not the same male group as was signed to Pendulum Records in the 90s. Many of them appear to be Canadian and "Solid Soul Vol. 2" in particular seems to be a continuation of sorts to this album here. Sadly once again most of the track-list is marred yet again by more poor alternative hip hop, notably Nigel Williams and his awful group Pocket Dwellers. Stand out tracks include "Everything's Changed" by Caroldene and "Come On" by My-Kal. "Sexual" by Sex also deserves a mention although that along with "Water Deep" by Nenareechi appear to be very underground sounding and in monaural sound only.

Hip Hop & R&B Jams Vol. 1 (hip hop & rap tracks omitted)
Everything Changed 2:57 Caroldene
Sexual 2:40 SEX+Y
Never Gonna Leave You 3:00 JES
Water Deep 2:43 Nenareechi
 Just Keep On Walking 1:55 Rod
Groove On 2:58 G-Melos
Peek-a-Boo 2:52 G-Melos

Solid Soul Vol. 2 (hip hop & rap tracks omitted)
Good Life 4:40 Kaybe
Coming Home 4:44 Kaybe
Here We Are 4:54 Kaybe
Come On 4:56 My-Kal