Sunday, September 15, 2019

Stand4Truth: Totally Abandoned (Self-Released, 2002)

I first became curious about this group after seeing their demo on eBay. Granted, I am not the biggest fan of gospel but do like some of the more contemporary stuff, notably by female groups. Sadly the cost of it ($100) was just too much at the time and taking into account much of the other stuff that the seller sold for ridiculous prices was not very good, I declined to buy it. Was it as good as the seller obviously thought it was? I found their whole album a few weeks back for a somewhat normal price and decided to find out...Sadly it is mostly all acoustic type stuff  but there are a few quite good tracks, not blazin' stuff but nice contemporary gospel/soul tracks. Obviously, this was just a project that they recorded for their Church and not something really intended for a more wider audience but at least now I know anyway and didn't have to spend $100 from yet another ridiculous seller on eBay to find out. 

The Urgency Part 1 0:40
Only One Life 4:28
Bond Of Love 2:58
Where Is Hope 5:11
I Know 3:05
Mirrored Image 3:10
The Urgency Part 2 0:55
Life Is A Vapor 3:46
Mr Ditty 2:18
Mercy Psalm 3:15
Totally Abandoned 2:43
The Urgency Part 3 1:04
Free 4:52