Thursday, September 5, 2019

Ross Sistas: Lucky One (CDM) (Destini West Records, 2002)

Further music from the Bay Area with the Ross Sistas, a further Filipina group that first appeared on a compilation Best Of The Bay Volume One (2000) along with many other Bay Area-based Asian-Pacific American groups and artists not limited to Pamela Serrano, Epic Voices and others. Unfortunately they appear to be primarily a pop group - "Lucky One" is very much the epitome of a Disney-esque pop ballad and its remix very much suited for the OPM market - but judging by the strength of "Baby I'm Yours", I would've liked to have heard their other work if any ever existed. I can definitely see the similarities to Premier and other Filipina groups from that era on this track.

Lucky One (Dance Mix) 5:16
Lucky One (Slow Ross J.A.M.) 4:46
Baby I'm Yours (Bay Area R&B Mix) 3:21
Lucky One (Original Pop Ballad) 4:44
Bonus (Unplugged) 4:59
Bonus (Acappella) 4:43