Wednesday, September 4, 2019

BAJ: Demo (EP) (270 Incorporated, 2001)

From Cali's Bay Area, a further female group demo from 2001 with 3 tracks. I know nothing about them but the sound - smooth & funky R&B - is very much reminiscent of the late 90s era.  Sadly due to its age, the sound is not the best on the first two tracks. I am guessing the disc was either exposed to sunlight or the glue in the paper label leached through to the dye later bellow and corrupted much of the data there - a common phenomenon on these old CDrs, particularly ones with adhesive paper labels. Most of the audio, particularly during loud passages, has static and jitter, but fortunately the the one track that does play perfectly - a smooth mid-tempo number about moving on from a fickle relationship - is pure fire. It appears to be a cover of a song from another group Ol' Heads which was originally from a year before. Whether the two groups were related in any way, I cannot say but according to the back of this CD, this group were between 15-17 years old when this particular project was made.

I Might Just Love You    4:03
Just You And me    4:05
Pack Your Bags & Go    3:50