Thursday, August 1, 2019

NKRU: Fun, Fun, Fun (Unreleased Track) (1993)

Further music from NKRU, a four-piece girl group signed to a division of RCA Records in the early 90s and who were mostly known for their cover of Zap & Roger's hit "Computer Love." The above track, a slice of early 90s rap flava, appeared on the above compilation only and was said to be lifted from their non-existent album "Freaky To You" which was not released. Maybe they were too similar to TLC or maybe the label didn't know best how to market them. Were they a rap group or an R&B group? Regardless they were definitely leagues above TLC with their version of Zap & Roger's 80s classic sounding almost as noteworthy as the original. It is unfortunate that they never made it beyond 1 single but about a year later their label Kaper Records had some degree of success with another group Blackgirl.

Fun, Fun, Fun 4:21