Friday, August 16, 2019

Kwei: The Making Of...(Darimar Records, 2007)

Along with Jasmine Jai, Philly's Kwei Brunson was the only other featured artist on the Darimar compilation that released his own work. While Alston self-released her EP a year prior, Brunson released this album via the same label four years later in 2007. Three songs featured (Goodbye, Singing And Dancing And What Now) were originally recorded in 2003 but here they have been remade with more mid-2000s club appeal. Mostly a very upbeat album, also included is an emotional live performance of another song "Love Is What You Make It" which as far as I can tell is an original song the artist wrote himself. Altogether a good first effort; vocally not Stevie Wonder but definitely shines the best on the more slower tracks, including one of my absolute favorites "When Will I Find My Girlfriend."

Intro    1:36
Goodbye    5:08
What Now Feat: Tefflon    3:20
Coming Home (Skit)    0:39
Singing And Dancing    3:29
Think Big Feat: Tefflon    4:04
Don't Fall For Their Game Feat: Da Phoxx    3:45
Inside Of Me (Interlude)    2:11
Love Is What You Make It (LIVE PERFORMANCE)    5:54
I Need Your Love    4:54
Real Talk (Skit Feat: Unikue)    1:25
When Will I Find My Girlfriend    4:45
Outro - Think Big (The Dj Wikked "Phil-More Remix")    6:48