Monday, August 12, 2019

Darimar Records Presents: Compilation (Darimar Records, 2003)

Another place that had a great urban music scene back in the day (and one which thus far I've completely overlooked) was Pennsylvania on America's East Coast. On this blog alone, I posted a great number of amazing things from its towns and cities notably Unda Presha (who sounded very similar to one of PA's biggest and best exports) and more contemporary favorites such as La'Trese and Monique Moseé. The above compilation is yet another testament to how much of a musical mecca the City of Brotherly Love is. Featuring the work of 6 local artists, it is a mixture of mainly contemporary R&B
with various other tracks of spoken word and acoustic blues. One artist featured Jasmine Jai I posted back in 2016; born as Jade Alston, she started out as a VJ on Philly's popular video show Urban X-Pressions before starting out on her own as somewhat like the R&B version of Missy Elliott. Her featured track "Be Easy" is lifted from her 2002 EP of the same name which I posted back in 2016. Other contemporary R&B artists featured include Kwei Brunson, Tracy Glover and Quali-T, a male quartet. Brunson is the more poppy out the three while Tracy Glover on his only track sounds much like Brian McKnight. The production is very contemporary-sounding on some (Quali-T, Glover) and more underground on others (Brunson) but as a whole there were only two tracks of acoustic blues that I did not enjoy. Aside from Alston and Brunson (who released his own album via the label in 2007), none of the artists can be heard anywhere else but here.

(Kwei Brunson) Intro 1:56
(Kwei Brunson) What Now 3:38
(Kwei Brunson) Singing And Dancing 4:58
(Quali-T) Not A Fool 4:13
(Quali-T) In The Rain 4:15
(Quali-T) Cheating 3:21
(King Barker) Remember Me 4:02
(Cassandre Xavier) Friend 5:05
(Cassandre Xavier) Life Of The Party 6:03
(Tracy Glover) A Love Lost 4:01
(Jasmine Jai) Be Easy 3:23
(Kwei featuring Quali-T) Goodbye 3:49