Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Execitives: Home (Kracken Records, 1992)

Further obscure music on cassette from Detroit and a mixture of modern soul, funk, R&B and very early 90s New Jack Swing with classic soul vocals and old skool panache. I don't know anything about the group but the set spawned one single "One Touch" which was also released in 1992. They also featured on tracks by underground Detroit rap trio M1 and fellow modern soul artist Sandal. Both were produced by the same people Frank Lovejoy and Bob McPherson. I have no idea who they were but they used the instrumental to track A5 as part of a new set titled "Transformation" (as Metamorphosis Music) in 2017.

One Touch 5:16
Let Go Let God 5:45
I'm In Love 4:37
You're The One You're Cheating (featuring A-I-A) 4:37
Spend The Night 4:37
Home 5:28
For Always 5:11
Imaginary Love 4:59
Not Like The Rest 4:39
Sack Chaser 4:07