Friday, July 19, 2019

Sandal: Mind Games (Kracken Records, 1991)

From the same camp as a previous group I posted (The Executives), another modern soul rarity from Detroit, MI. It has a similar production - maybe slightly more poppy - with mainly post-disco, boogie-style and synth-house tracks. There are downtempo tracks "Since You Came Into My Life (Wedding Song)" and "I Can't Let You Go" with the former employing similar vibraphone parts as "Spend The Night" from The Executives. The group themselves feature on the first track "Never Alone" which perhaps is a more lighter reply to their own track "Let Go Let God" from their "Home" cassette. More good music for grown folks. Stay tuned for more!

**Again the instrumental for one of the tracks here ("What Have You Done To Me") was re-used for a later project by the producers which is available on iTunes, Amazon and other streaming platforms. Comprised of mainly synth, boogie and soul instrumentals, it is billed as "New Age" music but going by the few that do have vocals, I get the impression that it was an unfinished project of sorts or maybe something that the producers wanted to use to showcase their work. You can find it here.**

Never Alone (featuring The Executives) 5:07
Mind Games 4:34
Out Of Control 3:43
What Have You Done To Me? 3:36
My Best Friend 3:03
Ask Me 3:53
Since You Came Into My Life (Wedding Song) 5:04
I Can't Let You Go 4:35