Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Raven: All I Ever Do - The Mixtape (J.A.W. Entertainment, 200x)

A further self-released project dressed as a "Mixtape" and from teenage Chicago, IL-area artist Raven. Sadly there's no information about her anywhere but the sound is very much akin to Sa Lee Na, Shaquenta, Cherish and other younger artists from my collection with that mid-2000s "Southern" synthy Crunk'N'B sound. 

Many thanks again to Stuaaart for the contribution.

Intro 0:53
Number #1 Spot 2:34
All I Ever Do 3:55
U Know I'm Bout That 2:01
Can I Get With U 4:33
Runnin' Wild 4:16
U And Me Boy 3:22
Outro 1:38
Go Away ft. Bo & Logik [Bonus Track] 3:48