Thursday, June 13, 2019

UNDivided: I Wanna Be The Man (Self-Released, 2003)

Staying in Maryland, a further obscure early 2000s group or duo found while digging through the crates in and around the musical mecca that is Virginia Beach.  Also going by UND as per the booklet, there is nothing under either name to be found anywhere online despite the CD itself being entered into the Gracenote database. It was also on Amazon Marketplace where I was lucky enough to find the last copy left. Comparable to Xtreme and a few other indie groups I've posted here, it is not as good as last year's gem Unda Presha but it is somewhat contemporary sounding for its day with a mainly upbeat production, and to find a new male group or duo is always a treat for us. Many thanks again to Napo for finding it and as always to Stuaaart for his continued contributions. 

Intro 1:45
She's Got It 2:26
I Wanna Be The Man 2:53
Love Is All U Need 2:32
Tell Me What U Want 3:08
Fever Interlude 0:30
Fever 3:27
Let Me Know 2:32
Don't 2:47
Girl I Just Want U 2 Know 3:33
Have U Ever Been Far Away 3:24
Outro 1:20
Bonus 4:00